Bird Photography Workshops Bolton

Photography Workshops for Everyone – Especially Beginners!

All my workshops are to help you take better images with any camera. From the minute you arrive you will start to take better images and build your confidence.

You will learn new skills, and take better photographs, your lesson will be at a pace that suits you.

I have a choice of workshops to suit everyone, to keep up with all the last minute workshops and short notice events please follow my facebook page Heather B Studios.


Perfect for ladies who are just getting in to photography or want a new hobby. We meet once a month, we have a new theme every month, we all go out together and take photographs while learning our new skills. We have a great time on days out each month, all covered in the price of just £20.00 per session. You don’t have to join just attend when you like. Make new friendships have fun and build confidence while enjoying your new hobby.


These are mixed and only up to 3 people, we have a list of themes and each one is carefully chosen to help you learn as much as possible while enjoying your new hobby. Prices vary depending on the course. Starting at £45.00.


I do workshops at events around the Northwest, but these can be very short notice, so please do follow the fb page to keep up to date with these. Prices from £45.00.

Every week I have photography classes for all to enjoy with Gift Vouchers available.

Here is a list of just some of the workshops I offer:

Swan safari, Garden safari, Badgers, Red squirrels, Dogs, Seals, Total Beginners, Motorbikes and sports, Birds of Prey, Horses, Deer, General Birds, Zoo, Shows & events, Bees, Glass blowing, Lambing, Landscapes, Blacksmiths, Flowers, Beach, Fireworks and many more.


Mixed group Workshops, suitable  for all ages and abilities and all types of camera.
Sept 3rd 9-12 Total Beginner £45.00.
Sept 3rd 1-3 Birds for beginners £45.00.
Sept 10th 9-12 Total Beginner £45.00.
Sept 10th 1-3 Landscape, flowers, trees for beginners.
Sept 15th  9-12 £45.00 Dogs, in water. 
Sept 17th  All Day Zoo £120.00 includes admission.
Sept 24th  Deer 5 hours £70.00 includes travel and parking.
Oct 1st  Total Beginner £45.00
Oct 1st  Birds for beginners £45.00
Oct 8th  Squirrels and beach £99.00 includes parking & admission.
Oct 15th Total beginners £45.00
Oct 15th Autumn colour’s £45.00.
Oct 22nd Deer Rut £70.00.
Oct 27th Autumn colour’s £45.00
Oct 29th Total beginners £45.00.
Oct 29th Autumn Colour’s beginners £45.00.
Oct 30th Deer Rut £70.00.
Nov 3rd Dogs in Autumn £45.00.
Nov 5th Dogs in Autumn £45.00.
Nov 19th Seals with young £99.00
Nov 26th Seals with young £99.00
Dec 3rd  Seals with young £99.00.
For full details of the workshops, how to buy a gift voucher or how to book please contact Heather by Email, Phone or Facebook details on contact page.
All the above workshops can be 1 to 3 people.
Dates for the Ladies Camera Group 2018
Sept 23rd Horses in action
October 21st Birds of Prey in Autumn
November 18th Macro & Basic Photoshop for beginners.
December 16th Xmas lights and night photography.
All the Ladies groups are priced at £20.00, you do not need to join the ladies group to attend, but please let me know if you wish to join this lovely group at one of the meetings simply so I can make sure you looked after on your first visit.  The group meetings usually last 4 hours.


Example Workshop Images